The importance of eating.

bread-2Eating. It’s the first thing we do when we arrive in the world. It signals a healthy survival drive and a will to live. When we stop eating permanently the end of our life in this world is round the corner.

In between these two events many of us experience a lot of complication. What to eat? How much to eat? What should we weigh? These are all questions that clients arrive with and they have taught me how miserable dysfunction in these areas can make us.

Besieged by cookery programmes and cookbooks, we are becoming aware that we have forgotten how to shop, how to cook, how to eat. In this blog I will explore some of the reasons why and offer tips to unscramble your relationship with food. Also, because I am a keen cook myself, some recipes and food ideas.

And here’s another thing I have learned working with people. The self same things that complicate our relationship with food also mess up lots of other areas in our lives. So if you have an addiction or behaviours you’re not at ease with, relationships that don’t make you happy, read on. What you are and what you eat, or rather what you take yourself to be and what you eat are intimately connected.

So whether you want some ideas for supper tonight or some insights into why you stand staring into the fridge and doing deals with yourself, this is a place to come. And if you want to lose weight I know about the first hand, so we’ll be looking at that too.