I have been silent for a little while now as I have been moving back into my house after nine months away during which the builders have refashioned it beautifully. It is a curious experience being here now, rather like a dream. The house is the same but not the same. This room is sunny that once was gloomy. Surely there was a door here where now there is a window? Here is the kitchen but that wall has moved. And what I have been in touch with vividly over the last year is all the things that home means to me and how uncomfortable I have felt without one. How reliant I am on all my stuff (lately in storage) for a sense of who I am. It feels it has taken some extra effort on my part to maintain my self without reference to my reflection in my house and my belongings. Now I am enjoying arranging pictures and furniture which greet me like old friends but also keeping myself company and not quite letting go of the me that knows how to live without them.

This is just a few words to herald more posts coming soon as I get back into the swing of my life. For now I will say just one thing. Next time you choose a work surface in your kitchen choose one with a yellow gold thread in it and you will never notice those tiny tea and coffee stains again. Result!

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