Crab Apple Jelly

A quickie to finish the recipe I started yesterday. If your fruit pulp has been left overnight you will have a pan of crab apple juice this morning and the first thing you need to do is measure it.


For every litre add 750g of sugar and stir over a low heat IN A LARGE ENOUGH PAN until is has begun to dissolve.

Turn up the heat until the liquid threatens to boil over and turn it down again to just below boiling. It will need to boil for at least 15 minutes and then you can begin to test it for setting. I use clean dry wooden spoons to dip in and see whether the jelly creates a drip that does not fall off the spoon (feathers). Others try the wrinkle test by putting a drop on a saucer and seeing whether it sets and creates a skin. My confession is that I still get it wrong from time to time and have to pour liquid jelly back into the pan and reheat. So nobody died and you still get to pot up beautiful jelly – don’t give yourself a hard time. The colour also changes – see how red the finished jelly is below compared with the pale liquid I started with (above).

When you’re sure the jelly is ready, pour it into a light plastic jug if you can and use that to fill the jam jars which you have standing by clean and sparkly.

Sterilising the jars.

There are many methods including a hot wash in the dishwasher and heating in the oven. My preferred method is to use alcohol. Pour a large shot of vodka into a jar, put the lid on and shake it,  pour the vodka into the next jar etc. (What you do with the vodka after that I leave to your own proclivities. On a cold morning it can spice up your coffee.)


Leave to cool a little before popping on the lids and getting creative with the labels. The final Mrs Tiggywinkle moment is lining up the jars in your larder and putting one on the table for your bread and cheese lunch.

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